July 17, 2019



2019 Summer Learning Series:

Lesson 3: This Matter of Inc


* * * *



Well it was a good try anyway.

The socialist JV and

the communist varsity

really gave a good go of

ringing in

“hope and change” with the strategy of

dominating inequality:


“If you tell a big enough lie
and tell it frequently enough,
it will be believed.”





There are a lot of things

that would fall under that category

aren’t there?


The JV team rendition is:

“That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.” 


As the eight year old boy

looks his mama in the eyes

with cookie crumbs

on the corners of his mouth

and smears of melted chocolate chips

on the side of his face

having quickly snuck

and gobbled

a few fresh-out-of-the-oven


off the cooling rack

before the all clear was given...


Who ate these cookies?

Mama asks.


Cookie Monster.

The little boy replied.

I tried to warn him, but

he just kept saying C is for cookie

and wouldn’t give up

until I gave him some cookies.

I didn’t want him to get into trouble

for taking some cookies

because I like his

Monsterpiece Theatre segments.



Then why do you have cookie crumbs

and smears of chocolate chips

on the side of your face?

Mama smiling, asked.


When Cookie Monster was

harum harum harumming the cookies

he shoved a few in my mouth

to thank me for sharing,

the little boy, with eyes wide wonder,




Really... Mama parleyed in best form.

That’s funny.

I just saw Cookie Monster.

He stopped by to see

how the re-legalization of

four leaf clover pastures

in the United States

was coming along

so cows could graze in freedom

to provide milk

for the luckiest

milk chocolate chips

and caramels

on earth.


Ernie, Bert, and Elmo stopped by too.


Big Bird was still sitting on the power line

sporting his air force blue feather ensemble

waving and hawing

waiting for the go ahead

to step off the line

and rocket all the

little squeaker knuckle peckers

from 0 to Mach 3

in one simple talon release.





Similar to tweeting,

birds also peck at all sorts of things

especially the talons

of a big blue bird

holding onto a line

they want to occupy


There are twitters...

and there are peckers.

After further review

of the instant replay footage...

just as general FYI...

it never really works out

for the peckers.




Golly Mama. I didn’t know

you knew Cookie Monster too,

the little boy, now sheepishly grinned.

So you know how he just sometimes

gobbles a bunch of cookies

even before they have time to cool.



Sweetie... Mama reassured,

even Bert and Ernie

had to learn how to negotiate with him

so the cookies they baked for

Mr. Hooper’s store

would actually make it there

and inventory wouldn’t be continually

harum harummed

under the friends and family

Affordable Cookie Act.




* * * *




a company or group of people

authorized to act as a single entity

(legally a person)

and recognized

as such

in law.







Who is it

that told some group of boys and girls

that a corporation

doesn’t have to abide by the

origin premise of Our

Declaration of Independence,

the U.S. Constitution,

and the Bill of Rights

(the first 10 Amendments)?


I mean...

the JV team

just says

“That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”


The Varsity team...

fills the airwaves

with a false statement

just as aside information

in a more intricate conversation:

“What are we going to do?

These corporations are unstoppable.

They don’t have to abide

by the Constitution or the Bill of Rights

or the origin premise

of our Declaration of Independence.

They can do whatever they want.

If you work for a corporation

they can require you to surrender

your right to privacy

your medical history,

your bank account numbers,

marital status,

social security number,

and have direct access to your

investment accounts, portfolios

and retirement funds.

If you don’t comply

they can just fire you with no recourse

and block any further employment

in any sector

because corporations don’t have to

play by the same rules

that apply to We the People

and our government.”



As Mama listened

to the commentator

relaying that fine bit of Doozie

she remembered

a conversation

with her son

long, long, ago:


Merry Christmas!

Yes. We decided you were old enough

to have your first superhero uniform.

There is only one rule.

And it’s non-negotiable.

If you hurt your sister

with the Power Sword

I will immediately take the uniform

and the Power Sword

and throw it in the trash.


Mama was so proud of her son

wanting to learn to be a protector

and not just any protector

a superhero one.


Being a big kid herself,

she was excited for him

and was so thankful

to have the freedom and opportunity

to save up for the

officially sanctioned

superhero uniform and Power Sword

and then

actually be able to give

such an awesomely cool gift

to her only son

on Christmas Day.


Her daughter got an equally cool gift

on her request list,

but there was something about

the officially sanctioned

superhero uniform and Power Sword

and her son being the right age

and maturity to receive it

that was particularly special.


Such a long awaited,

highly anticipated,

and highly esteemed gift

would most certainly be worn

at all times

in observance

of the one rule

the only rule


in the ceremonial bestowal:


If you hurt your sister

with the Power Sword

I will immediately take the uniform

and the Power Sword

and throw it in the trash.





a cry went out

from the backyard.


And as Mama looked out

the upstairs window

into the area the children were playing

the newly superhero,

his attitude, and effect

under the influence

of unlimited power

were in full view.


Hand me the uniform,

Mama calmly,

matter-of-factly revoked.

The sword too.


And right then and there

with tears in her eyes

Mama had to throw away

not just a kid’s

superhero uniform and sword

but months of work

and saving

to set aside enough extra money

to purchase it.


To her, it was a gift

well worked for.

Worth the extra hours

to have enough surplus

to give something so cool

as a Christmas gift.


If money had been the factor,

she would have given a warning

and compromised

on the One non-negotiable Rule.


But when Power

is that one factor

and the peace, safety, security,

and confidence

of the surrounding community

is balanced by the elegant simplicity

of One Rule




the rule

must be





If the “rule” is arbitrary,

politically motivated,

or resulting from an attitude unbounded,

usurping and infringing those of good faith...

subsequent “enforcement”

results in tyranny and despotism

if allowed to progress

unchallenged and unchecked.



If you like your doctor

you can keep your doctor,


the little boy

in a Power Ranger uniform

proclaimed from the podium

in Little Rascals clubhouse

repeating what he heard

somebody before him say

thinking it might

fool some of the people

maybe at least enough times

to get a nomination

as though we all weren’t

standing right there then,

watched it all unfold,

and now all as fellow Americans

know yet another

definitive example of false statement

when we hear it.



sitting in the back of the room,

chaperoning the troop,

observed quietly...


invited as a neutral party,

mainly because

she provided the clubhouse,

painted it,

furnished the fresh baked cookies

and all the ice,

solo cups,

and 2 liter sodas

any group of kids

might need to assemble.


Wanting to make sure

the training

would work for the boys

if they actually wanted to pursue

leadership in the real world

outside the clubhouse

Mama spoke up:


That’s a fine promise you’re making there.

Son, do you know my doctor?


No ma’am,

the promising public speaker

and clubhouse organizer replied.



Then if you don’t know my doctor

how could you tell me I could keep him?


Are you holding my doctor

captive somewhere?


What power or authority do you have

over my doctor

that you could make such a statement?


I actually love my doctor,

he loves me.


My doctor

knows me better

that anyone else on the planet.

Seems pretty silly to say

I could keep him.

He chose me.

I chose him.

What part do you have

in that relationship?



In this clubhouse

we think about all sorts of ideas

and all sorts of policies

and all sorts of things

which make the lives

of sovereign individual

American citizens



and unviolated.


Are you an American citizen?


Were you born here?


Are the boys that formed

your current clubhouse

American citizens?


Did you form your clubhouse

in America?


In America,

We the People

are the government.


We don’t have


or dictators

or all powerful entities

infringing the basic understandings,

freedoms, and liberties

self-evidently protected

for our good faith citizens

to live peaceful, productive lives.


Are you a medical expert?


If you don’t have credentials,

do you know how to heal yourself?

With that information,

credentials aren’t necessary...

do you understand that?


Do you know how to heal yourself?

Do you know how to provide

for yourself

without forcibly taking

from someone else?


Good faith Americans do.


So, son, if you made that statement

outside this public speaking

training clubhouse,

there would be a lot of American citizens

who would ask the same questions

and might not be as kind.


My goal is for you and your friends

to understand

what it is

to have

certain unalienable

and inalienable rights.

Rights that are self-evident

to every human being.

Rights of life.

That means I can do

whatever it takes

to heal my life,

if the current “expert” theories

and “practices” do not heal, and

in some cases actually make worse

the original indication.


My doctor is sitting right here with me.

He is unconditionally affirmed in the

nurture and encouragement

of my health and well being.


Are you saying you can make him

not unconditionally affirm me?

Seems sort of silly really.



See those solo cups

on that table over there?

I furnished those

for this clubhouse meeting.

I along with my fellow Americans

built this clubhouse

because we needed a place

where kids could learn

public speaking

and leadership skills

and just what it is

to be a responsible,


free human being.


A corporation

started by American citizens

in America

must abide by the Constitution

and the Bill of Rights

and the defining origin precedent

of the Declaration of Independence.


There are those in the media

saying “corporations”

are all powerful...

they can do anything they want...

and they can violate the self-evident rights

of individually sovereign American citizens.


What was that quote...

“If you tell a big enough lie
and tell it frequently enough,
it will be believed.”



What a bunch of nonsense,

Mama smiled in genuine love

for her country

and her fellow Americans.


Is it not self-evident,

that a government of the People

by the People

and for the People

is in fact




And similarly ...

the logical next step

under that establishment

individually self-evident...

I’m standing right here... next to you

you’re standing right here next to me

in Our

we’re on the same team Nation.


If you’re all in the locker room

wearing the same team jerseys

how would anyone think

forming a legal corporation

within that team

would somehow give you the right

to restrict the rights

of your fellow teammates

the same ones you’re gonna

go out on the field

and work together

to win the game?


I mean what if all the teammates

on your team

whose first name started with the letter


formed a corporation

and hired the rest of the team

to play the game by their rules

not the rules

of the National Football League?


You get to play in the

National Football League

because your team

agreed to uphold and protect

the Constitution and Bill of Rights

that League

provided and assured

as self-evident.


But that National Football League

doesn’t have the right

to tell me

I can or cannot keep my doctor

just because I am a fan in the stands,

a fellow citizen

cheering other fellow citizens on

in their organization

and offer of personal seat licensing.


Even in those stadiums

where PSLs are offered,

reserved and general admission seating

is still offered

and regularly made available

to all the fans

who choose to purchase

a seat reservation

for that day’s game.


Some promoters

regularly purchase block seating

and actually use those tickets

for community good will

and/or marketing promotions.


To those who are making

the false assertion

that corporations

are immune from upholding

and protecting

the rights and freedoms of our

American citizens



that’s like a stadium owner

literally installing

hidden cameras

and recording devices

in every seat

monitoring every utterance,

every personal beer and nachos purchase,

every personal toilet flush,

recording and documenting

every person

sitting next to you

even in private box seating


and then during the third quarter

taxing ... oops ...

I mean fining the entire

stadium full of fans...

for not wearing non-slip shoes

only manufactured in China

and not lining up to

forcibly surrender bodily fluids

for genetic mapping

pigeon holing

and gross biometric

invasion, theft,

and discrimination


solely based on



of medical assessment.






In America,

Americans are on the same team

no matter what

the incorporation.


Illegitimi non carborundum









* * * *



Welcome to The Almighty University

where Intelligent Life

is our Instruction,


and Guide.


More soon.


Much Love,

Mama Murphy







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