June 11, 2019


“At that, Precedent understood the difference, the differentiation in that which is mortal, and that which is immortal. That which is divine, and that which is elemental,” the provost summarized, completing the final course presentation for the semester.


The students sat silent.

For the first time... hearing for themselves,

as Reason shared that which resonates True

without cost

without catch

without stipulation

of further dependence.


Wisdom does that.


And suddenly the airwaves were silent all voices of doubt, of questioning, of dissent... rendered thus by overwhelming identification of that which longing carried silently on intelligent’s behalf all along.


The door... closed.

And for the first time, the students realized the necessity and non-negotiable Justice of the sentence... the capital punishment of the unborn.

For the first time, artificial intelligence and Wisdom aligned logic, sequence, order. Every projection, every computer model simulation of alternative possibility and/or outcome...

all calculated the same result... completely independent of Wisdom’s original freewill assessment and summary, and yet aligned completely and perfectly.


Safe, legal, and rare was only possible with accurate, logical, numerically derived understanding.

Incentivizing that which would ultimately destroy all life on earth, was suddenly self-evidently wrong.

Insisting that freedom and Liberty would tolerate and allow that which would ultimately destroy both as part of that very freedom and Liberty, suddenly revealed the source of

insanity’s loop,

death’s stronghold,

and corruption’s vision:

isolation, starvation, and desolation

manifested through

the infringing behaviors of

rape, incest, and adultery.


And each in the classroom,

Independently knew the solution.


There was a basic understanding of

right or wrong,

clean or unclean,

edible or spoiled,

polite or rude,

pleasant or disrespectful

in every decision,

every seemingly inconsequential action

or request made

from that moment forward.


No one expected anything

from another.

If assistance was given

it was given freely


to those identified and acknowledged

of good faith.


It was just that simple.


All that which did not align

with Faithful and True


was ignored

and given no further credence.


If areas of resistance still attempted


work-arounds were shown

to those of good faith productivity,

prosperity, and perpetuity.


* * * *


“I knew you would make it,”

her husband greeted as she stepped

from the simulation room

back into the one o’clock lab.


“The guys have given me the night off

so we can celebrate together.

I got a great up-and-coming

bass player to fill my spot.

He needed some real-world

experience playing those continuous

big band dance society gigs.


It’s your special night.

What would you like to do

to celebrate being back home?”

her husband gently encouraged,

so proud of his wife, her bravery,

and unflinching, non-negotiable

tenacity which saved the Republic,

and ushered in True peace

on Earth.


Without hesitation

she replied,

“Do you remember

when time stopped

and we focused on fortressing

each other

by simply preparing a meal together


carefully washing and cutting

all the items for the night’s stir fry

to serve over a fresh bowl of

steamed jasmine rice?


Could we do that

and sit out in our favorite spot

under the night stars

breathing deeply together


everything is all right,

is gonna be all right,


and we simply rest there together


in each other’s arms?”



“I thought you might say that,”

he grinned.

“Being married to you

over thirty-two years now,

if I know anything...

Baby, I know you

and those times

when your heart smiled so much,

it stopped the world

so we could

just enjoy being together




“Joe Murphy.

I do believe

you have won my heart

all over again,”

she beamed radiant.


“I am so thankful


are my husband.”







* * * *



Welcome to The Almighty University

where Intelligent Life

is our Instruction,


and Guide.


More soon.


Much Love,

Mama Murphy







Note: The Almighty University topics, discussions, and commentary are intended for Intelligent audiences. Intelligent meaning mature, rational, and considerate. Because of the nature of some of the subjects covered, and in respect of the reader’s time, it might seem to some, that every nuance of a specific topic has not been covered to the point of resolution for the good of all manKind. Intelligent Life is just that, and understands and works toward a world where pages and pages of “Terms and Conditions” and/or “Disclaimers” are no longer needed, as everyone participating in such programs, services, and technologies is thankful and respects 1. such programs, services, and technologies are provided in Kindwill and mutually non-exploitive, and 2. hot items served through a drive-thru window are truly a miracle of modern design, engineering, and fellowship and should be served, welcomed and enjoyed in mutual respect and intelligence. —MM


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