April 11, 2019


1. My parents were faithful to each other until my mother died of cancer in 2010.

2. When they were first married, my dad started out on the road crew for the Virginia Highway Department. He worked his way up through the Highway Department and became an outstanding Right of Way agent for the state of Virginia. He was faithful to my mom for 49 years until she died in 2010, her symptoms triggered by her overwhelming grief from the death of my 32 year old baby brother, who died from complications of HIV/AIDs only nine months earlier.

3. In Virginia, where I grew up, private school was for upper class kids with behavioral issues or kids of representatives in government at the state and federal level. Our public school system was excellent. I got to visit one of the private schools in a nearby city with my third year French class in high school because of the specialized curriculum for Ivy League schools they offered. I wasn’t really overly impressed, but it gave me a whole new perspective on the kids my same age at church who went there. I realized then how difficult it would be for them to relate to everyday people, they were so isolated from all the opportunities we had at a great public school.

Unfortunately, public schools aren’t like that now. And when I later married and homeschooled our children, I made sure to incorporate the best of both worlds and opportunities, plus all the “curriculums” and studies neither form of systemic education could even begin to offer.

4. I had access to free tutors growing up... they were my mom and dad. My mom was an A student in high school and nursing school. My dad, just naturally knows all sorts of things about all sorts of things.

5. I never had to worry about my cellphone being cut off, until my husband and I were attacked and he was scared off by occult forces attempting to get to me. The gestapo tactics and psychological warfare employed against us right here in America were 100 percent illegal, unconstitutional, and unAmerican.

When our income was suddenly, stupidly cut in half under further terrorist-style threat and I was banned by forced dissolution papers from participating in events that would continue income for our family business, I had to shut down manufacturing and couldn’t worry about the cellphone. It’s been manipulated so many times... not realizing I truly love the technology.

Thankfully really smart people know me, have fully vetted me, and have restored the integrity of my cellphones and digital communications.

They don’t buy into what propagandists like this guy in the video are trying to do...


demoralize and crush the middle class

who have accomplished everything

by love, diligent work,

and good faith ingenuity.


6. I never had to help my mom and dad with the bills. And until my husband and I were attacked, our children didn’t worry that they would ever have to help out with our bills either. I would never expect that of any of our children, although both are always willing to help out if needed with whatever needs to be done to help our family, marriage, and future generations succeed.

7. I completed every homework assignment. Studied two hours each day, and practiced four hours a day on my primary instrument for band. I achieved All-American Instrumentalist status, graduated with a 4.11 GPA, and attained a full tuition scholarship to the University of Miami (FL) in both academics and music performance, and was one of only two freshmen at the time ever allowed entrance into the Music Engineering degree program.

I worked diligently and consistently to attain that award throughout my entire elementary and high school years.


Unfortunately, all that didn’t matter, when a neglected son, on a back street between the University of Miami campus and Coconut Grove, decided to clothesline a random person on a bicycle, who was quickly riding back from studying at the beach to make it to the dorms before sunset.



In that moment,

all that my parents did and were,

all that my public school teachers had taught,

and all my diligent effort and self-discipline

didn’t matter


as I flew over the handlebars

of my Schwinn 10-speed bike

and hit the pavement

still holding the handlebars

while skidding 20 feet,

so sudden

was the impact

of that neglected son’s outstretched arm

as it purposely collided

with my shoulders and chest.


When my left shin and left side of my head

hit the pavement and skidded too,

my favorite bucket hat

I always wore to the beach

was knocked off

and my mid-length hair spilled out

from underneath


causing that suddenly “woke”

neglected son to yell,



And as I lay there bloody on the pavement

a foot or two from my bike

after my impact-induced grip released

during the sudden force of

the bike’s front tire mangling and

flipping completely around underneath

the crossframe,


I looked over at him

from the vantage point

of the paved grey road

and cried out softly, compassionately

from the searing pain of sudden trauma,

one human to another human,

“Help me. Please help me.”


He stared only a moment,

said nothing more

and didn’t run

but simply walked quickly away

and around the next corner

never to be seen again.



What was that scripture

you were pathetically using

at the end of your video presentation

to guilt those kids of all

races, colors, and creeds on the field?


But if anyone has the world’s goods

and sees his brother (or sister) in need,

yet closes his heart against him,

how does God’s love abide in him?

Little children,

let us not love in word or talk

but in deed and in truth.

1 John 3:17-18


Yeah. That one.


Would it matter

if I said the color of that guy?


If I did,

would I be lauded as brave,

or demonized

as racist?


If he was white

would you be surprised?


If he wasn’t,

would you be surprised?


The bigger issue here

is the time period.


At the time of that incident,

society was such

even in that one street over

not even a whole block

from the main road

area of Miami...


when that guy

consciously made the decision

and violently clotheslined me off my bike,


even he stood down

from mugging me... or worse...

when he realized

I was a girl.


That’s really the bigger issue.

That during that time,

there was still a level of chivalry

of “something you just don’t do”

even in that neglected son’s life.


This day and time

what do you think would have happened?


You see I grew up in an area,

where most people understood

what it felt like

when you had a minor bicycle accident.


You learned that

most likely

when you were learning to ride a bike,


more than likely taking a turn too fast

in a patch of gravel

or not being too steady just yet

on your balance or braking skills...

nothing really major...


but certainly enough to know

and respect what it was

to go faster than the human body

could run

full out.


More than likely,

that neglected son,

who thought nothing

of sticking his arm out

in front of a bicyclist on a 10-speed

with head down looking forward

enjoying the 5th gear ease of a straightaway

and never for a second thinking

that person peripherally on the sidewalk

would step out and become

a human battering ram...


more than likely

that neglected son

had never ridden a bike in his life.


Does that mean

he should have been given a free one

as reward for his actions that day?


In that one moment of

human on human



two worlds collided


that had




to do









Not a damn thing.



So sir.

When you say

“If this was a fair race,

and everybody was back on that line,

I guarantee you some of these black dudes

would smoke all of you.”


You have no idea

how offensive,




and abjectly ignorant

your use of God’s Holy scripture

at the end of your presentation

truly is.


You are nothing

but a propagandist

attempting to keep those of good faith

no matter what race, color, creed, or religion,

from believing in themselves.


From knowing

there are just certain behaviors

and principles

that lead to sustainable,


success and prosperity.



from my vantage point

on the pavement that day,

you should hand me

that $100 bill

and millions more


for staging and putting out

such putrid,




My only question is...

did that guy learn anything that day?


Was he like a kid

who has his first BB gun

and accurately shot a bird off a line,

and when he watched that once

beautiful, vibrant, songbird

fall instantly suddenly to the ground


never to fly or sing again,

did he vow that very day

never to use that gun

against life

as purposeless target sport

ever again?


You see,

I learned that lesson.


I learned what it was

to properly handle a firearm,

master its precision,

and know

by that precious little bird

I would never

target such a gift of God

without just cause


ever again.


Growing up

in a hunting environment,

duck hunting,

quail hunting,

deer hunting...

all for food...


it was literally

my very first shot

as an 8 year old

with a new BB gun

my brother and I shared.


An accidental,

naturally skilled

accurate shot.


I honor that smallest of birds

to this very day

for teaching me

the difference

between a high scoring arcade game

and one solitary accurate shot.


Sometimes I wonder

if that neglected son

learned that same lesson that day

by clotheslining me off my bike

and in that moment of


he also subconsciously thought



and it kept him

from more violent crime...

maybe even so repentant

he actually committed his life

to God and good faith pursuits


and teaching other kids

in his neighborhood

why it’s important

to respect

every fellow good faith American

no matter what skin color,

or religion,

or ethnicity,

or political party.


So I’ll accept that $100

from you Sir

after you run

to stand humbly before me

and place it in my hand.




And the best part.


When you give me that $100,

you know I will use it

for good.


When I had to

temporarily shut down manufacturing

this past year

of our primary family business,

because of all the illegal,

unconstitutional restraints

put on me by manipulated

no-fault dissolution paperwork,


I experienced hunger

for the first time in my life


solely due to

a neglected son

listening to other neglected sons

and getting caught up

in the well-planned strategy

of marriage and family destruction

in America

as somehow


for something

none of us

in our lifetimes

ever experienced...



from the bloody view

of a full tuition scholarship recipient

in shock on a street in Miami

who didn’t know she needed to steer

far far away

from a guy on the sidewalk

taking $100 privilege

against a fellow American

who had nothing on her

but a pair of bike gloves,

a college ID,

and maybe a couple of pennies,

because she was on a meal plan

at the University.


Only two meals a day.

And if her classes didn’t get out in time,

or it was a holiday,

she didn’t have food that night

or that holiday.


But at least

she earned a full scholarship,

and a place in the honors dorms

so she could actually focus on her studies

instead of a social experiment of random

roommate placement, distraction, and


and was allowed to at least have a bike

to make it to classes

much too far apart on campus

to walk to on time.

Freshmen weren’t allowed to have cars

their first year at Miami.


The administration was concerned

that it was just too unsafe.


I transferred out of Miami

that next semester

even though I made sure

through years of self-discipline,

study, and accomplishment,

I achieved my lifelong goal at the time

of a full college tuition scholarship

which would have allowed me

to study, get good grades, and be

a credentialed

world class recording engineer,

performing artist,

and educator.


What good is a “college savings account”

if morality and virtue

are not instilled

in every American child

from the moment they are born?


What good is a scholarship

if only one street away from campus

there are neglected sons

who view those university students

as potential $100 privileges

they in some sick, disgusting, bigotry

think they have a “right” to claim?


I worked really hard

for 18 years,

from the moment of my birth

until I graduated from high school

to achieve that award

so I as a female, could be “viewed”

on resumes and in formal title

with specific, “credentialed”,

combinations of letters

either before or after my name

that certified me as “intelligent”

and academically “qualified”

for any position in life,

even further academic achievement

and accomplishment.


The privilege

of higher education

is earned

not given,

and certainly

not insisted by one group of Americans

as a “right” without

moral and academic self-discipline.


So Sir.

I don’t have to run

your stupid race.


As of this writing,

I’m waiting tables

in a diner

to self-sponsor

the rebuild

of my principled,



good faith life


yet again


and teach others

why values and principles



and define



as something honorable,

something regarded

as a rare opportunity

which lifts the hearts and minds

of all mankind

to a much better

and brighter reality.


For $5.44/hr plus tips

I have the privilege

to bring delicious food and drink

to tables of fellow Americans


the delight, industry, and vision


to bless

my fellow American restaurant owner

who gave me

that equal, merited opportunity

and privilege

in good faith, too.


When I came home from Miami,

and began waiting tables

to start over

and pay my way through college

as I could here and there,

the server rate at that time

was around $2.25/hr plus tips.


After 30 years,

at least that minimum rate

has for the most part doubled,

but so has the cost of pretty much

everything else.


For those who know my story,

perhaps when that silly college student

decided to adulterously compromise, entrap,

and invade our marriage, family and assets,

and worst of all

our access to the free college tuition

for not just me,

but my college age son and daughter,

provided as a benefit

to my husband

who was working as a college band director,


this extra level of background

will illuminate

how pathetic

invading a faithful wife and mom’s

marriage, family, household,

and college education

truly is

and was.


She was actually worse

than the guy

who violently clotheslined me off my bike

on a street in Miami.


That was a random crime.


This was a willful, purposeful

pursuit of a happily married

Christian husband and dad.



And she was actually allowed

to finish through to a degree.


I’m still pursuing that

once noble credential

in honor, wisdom, and most importantly






here’s that restarting line

you think I’m so privileged to have

after almost 30 years

as a faithful, loving wife and mom,


who was no-faulted and

unconstitutionally restrained

from good faith business income,

unconstitutionally restrained

from the town where we raised our children,

and now where my grandchildren

all reside...

whom I haven’t been able to visit in person

let alone be a regular part of their daily lives

in over 6 years now,


because of an unconstitutional,

unrepresented, one-sided dissolution

filed against good faith and fidelity

by a born and raised Southern Baptist,

who went to private Christian school

and failed every class but band...


(Dear God in Heaven

please let that statement

snap him out of whatever spell

has darkened our blessed marriage,

family, and nation):



The shoes I’m wearing

are New Balance shoes

I bought at an outlet mall

about 13 or 14 years ago

with the earnings I made from my own

retail graphic design firm.


They have been a faithful pair of shoes

throughout those years,

even being used by my daughter for a time

when she needed a dependable pair of

athletic shoes for drum corps.


Once she graduated from college,

married, and was successfully building

her own family,

she returned the running shoes

that I am currently wearing for my shifts

waiting to earn enough

to purchase a better, non-slip pair

that are fun, fashionable, and something

I would actually enjoy paying

premium money for.


Two shifts ago,

the tread on my right shoe

simply fell off

as I was walking back to the kitchen.


I laughed and figured

the Lord

was showing me a way to make them



Either that

or I had been walking on an angle

and needed to somehow

balance my posture.


I spent my next two days off

looking for

non-slip shoes online

and researching how to start

my 1999 vehicle

that wouldn’t start

when I finished my shift that same night.


There was fuel in the car.

It would crank,

but the engine would not engage.


The wrecker guy sent by my

Verizon Roadside Assistance coverage

tried a few things to get it to start,

but eventually

he just towed it back

to the place I am living

until I can make more money

to either fix it myself

or have it towed again

to a local, reputable mechanic

and hope that

it was something pretty simple

that the manual wanted the dealer to fix

as a residual stream of income


...not realizing the dealer

was way outside the 10 mile tow limit

for my Verizon Roadside Assistance



So right now,

I am temporarily

walking to work to wait tables

for $5.44/hr plus tips

to purchase some non-slip shoes

and fix my car.



on last night’s shift

the tread on my left shoe

came off in the exact same place

as the one did on my right shoe,

so true to their name

I definitely have

Newly Balanced



Is this a life of privilege?


Sure it is.

I have the privilege,

delight, and wonder

to anticipate just how awesomely

this particular set of circumstances

is going to resolve.


And not one penny

of government assistance

will be employed.


Quite the contrary,

out of my paycheck,

they will take a little over $50

to go somewhere

for someone

who thinks I’m living

a life of privilege

and somehow isn’t paying

my fair share.


I don’t hold that against

my good faith American employer

who is taking that money

out of my paycheck.


He’s only doing what he is

unconstitutionally being told

because somewhere along the way

they took God out of the schools

and morals

and values

and teaching Americans

that we each are Sovereign

and have certain inalienable rights

which shall not be infringed,

one of which is

the right to work

and not be taxed against my will.

(Taxation without representation.)


My employer

is just glad to be in business...

just like I am.


Not sure who thinks they

should have any part of that really.


Certainly not

a fellow good faith American

who knows

they don’t have a right

to walk a mile in my shoes

unless I voluntarily

give or lend them

of my own free will.


And certainly not

a fellow good faith American

who knows

they don’t have a right

to seduce, compromise, and invade

a faithful wife and mom’s life,

marriage, family, assets, and work

hoping that taking a $100 privilege

of illegal sexual invasion

will reward them

with half of my entire life’s work,

and introduce immoral,

life infringing behavior

as a perfectly ok

perverted role model of financial gain

in front my children

and grandchildren.



something regarded
as a rare opportunity and bringing particular pleasure


merited privilege

advantage, benefit; 
prerogative, entitlement, right;
concession, freedom, liberty.


Living a good faith, honorable life

rewards advantage and benefit (trust).


That Trust,

attains prerogative, entitlement, and rights

that those who infringe the rights of others

are not given or awarded.


That merited privileged position,

consciously attained and diligently pursued,

grants concession

(authority, license, and inalienable rights)

along with ultimate good faith freedom

and the gracious station of liberty

self-evidently ensured and ennobled

in and to

all with such right and noble pursuit.




And Sir.

If you didn’t learn anything

from this lesson...


I’ll pray for your wife and children.


I’ll pray you’ll understand

what privilege it is

to have a faithful, supportive,

loving wife and children

who love you,

who are your biggest fans,

and would never in a bajillion years

ever dream

that you would allow yourself

to be compromised,

let alone pursue

cheating on them

with someone

at your church, or office, or maybe even

one of those students on that field

and destroy all the decades

of good faith life

they have invested

in you.


Seems pretty silly, actually.

Not really a privilege.


A good way to test

the whole privilege concept:


Say outloud...


Ladies and Gentlemen

I have the honor and privilege of ...


and then fill in the blank.


Keeps you out of trouble,

and won’t cost you a hundred bucks.


You know.


Ladies and Gentlemen

I have the honor and privilege of

studying diligently,

getting great grades,

and earning an outstanding scholarship

to an accomplished college

or university

based on my merit and accomplishments,

not because they need a certain number

of people with my specific skin color

or a certain number of people

of my nationality,

even though I’ve never lived

in that other nation

and have been

a born-and-raised in the good ol’ USA,

freedom loving American

my entire life.


That works pretty good.


Try this one.


Ladies and Gentlemen

I have the honor and privilege of

sticking my arm out

and clotheslining a tan person on a bike

because I’m not tan,

and think all suntanned people

owe me at least a bike

because my pastor says

Goddamnit America...

bathing suits are sinful.


See. That doesn’t really work.


Try this.


Ladies and Gentlemen.

I have the honor and privilege

of cheating on my wife

with a student

the same age as my own children

jeopardizing their scholarships

and my faithful wife’s scholarship,

but making sure that student

gets an A in my class

and a great job recommendation

in the industry my wife has waited

her entire life

to enter...

even before she met me...

once our children

completed college

and were successfully out on their own.


Golly and holy cow Batman.

That really doesn’t work.


Oooh! What about this one...


Ladies and Gentlemen.

I have the honor and privilege

to cheat on my faithful wife and children

with a backup singer

while I’m out on the road

singing about

the love of God

and the privilege

of placing my trust

in Christ alone


and then

I’m so privileged,

a Christian network

will give me

a regular spot

on one of their main shows

as some sort of example of

what exactly?


Certainly not in Christ alone,

bless your heart.


See I couldn’t even finish that one.


Wait. I know.

Ladies and Gentlemen.

I have the honor and privilege

to take the gifts and talents of music

and songwriting

God has given me

and write lyrics about

my D-I-V-O-R-C-E

yes that’s the book for me

as something everybody

who’s anybody in America

has experienced

at least once or twice in their lifetime...


oh no wait...

it’s the B-I-B-L-E...

yes that’s the book for me.


Dang it.


Got it, Sir?


If you don’t learn anything

from this lesson...


we all might as well pack up

and go...


where exactly?


I thought America

and our freedom to practice


free from tyrants and genocidal maniacs


would protect us

from guys who were

staging and running a silly race

for a hundred dollar bill


and then,

instead of asking the kids

to actually join hands

asked them to

fist on top of fist each other

in some sort of super progressive

rock, paper, scissors symbolism

apparently known only to guys

quoting scripture and

waving around a $100 bill.


Thankfully, though,

during that moment of silence

circled like all the Whos in Whoville

the Lord was privileged

to actually get a word in edgewise

just to let you know

and remind you


that when He alone

has provided you

so much discretionary spending and surplus

you or your family doesn’t need

that very $100 bill

to keep the cellphone from being cut off,

or pay for almost two months

of $2 premium macaroni and cheese

so at least you don’t have to worry

where your next meal

is going to come from...


that... is not only privilege,

that’s outright pure grace and blessing.


Let’s test it.


Ladies and Gentlemen.

I have the honor and privilege

of knowing

the Lord alone

has provided me with

so much discretionary spending and surplus,

I or my beautiful, loving, faithful wife

who I have promised

before God and witnesses

that I would love,

honor, cherish, and protect forever and ever,


I, Ladies and Gentlemen,

have the honor and privilege of knowing

neither of us need

that very $100 bill

to keep the cellphone from being cut off,

or pay for almost two months

of $2 premium macaroni and cheese

so at least we don’t have to worry

individually, as a couple, or as a family,


where our next meal

is going to come from


even if I ran off with my church secretary

and thought it was shrewd

to make sure my wife couldn’t afford

to defend herself

when I abandoned her and our children

by faith

in Christ alone

and expected her to keep running

our family businesses and

do my annual taxes

in quietness and full submission

as unto the Lord

until my lawyer said there might be

a teensie weensie conflict of interest

and general overall impression of

cruel and unusual punishment,

even for a faithful wife right here

in In God We Trust America.


As the head of my household,

as Christ is head of the church,

I have the privilege of saying to

my faithful, loving wife

if she points any of this stuff out

her hopes of reconciliation with me

and restoring our marriage and family

are over

as obviously

she is only interested

in pushing me away.


Now that Ladies and Gentlemen

is most certainly a privilege.


Not really an honor and privilege,

but golly if Jesus

has anything to do with it,


It just works... perfectly.



What was that Scripture again?


But if anyone has the world’s goods

and sees his brother

(or sister, or faithful wife and children)

in need,

yet closes his heart against them,

how does God’s love abide in him?

Little children,

let us not love in word or talk

but in deed and in truth.

1 John 3:17-18



God Bless America.

If both of your parents are still married,

thank God.

If you grew up with a father figure in the home,

thank God.


If you had access to a private education,

but chose to homeschool anyway,

thank God

for our Constitution.


If you had access to a free tutor growing up,

thank God

our Constitution

allowed someone in America,

who speaks fluent American English,

to make so much money

they could volunteer

a portion of their time

to help you figure out

your electrical engineering homework,

because the professor

had such a thick foreign accent

even schematics of flow charts

were made unnecessarily difficult

to understand

due to the language barrier

of the grad assistant only here

on a temporary student visa.


If you’ve never had to worry

about your cell phone being shut off,

that just might be part of your problem:


unrestricted access to the privilege

of having a cellphone

when you should have been studying

or practicing for a scholarship audition.


The Lord disciplines those he loves.

If your parents are clueless,

He’ll gladly give you the power

to self-discipline yourself

so you can succeed in life.


If you never had to help

mom or dad with the bills,

that’s actually a good thing.


That means for the most part

they were smart, budgeted wisely,

(or at least one of them did)

and didn’t make a regular practice

of cheating on each other or their finances.


It shows for the most part

your parents

(or at least one of them),

actually had enough self discipline

to not be super selfish

and spend everything on themselves,


or if only one of them was self-disciplined

and managed all your household finances

no matter what the selfishness

of the other spouse...


that parent...


you should truly thank God for.


They did without all sorts of things

for your entire childhood

to keep the peace and make sure you had

everything you needed to succeed,

and weren’t exposed to

random sexual invaders in your household,


even if one parent didn’t ultimately value

the honor and privilege of

staying true to their sacred marriage vow


and being a great role model

to you

and future generations...

no matter what.



If it wasn’t because of your athletic ability

you don’t have to pay for college...


you know

reading that back

that doesn’t even make sense.


What does the ability to catch a ball

have to do with a college education

and higher learning

that will prepare you to manage

intricate finances, balance budgets,

and stay faithful to your wife and children?


I mean, all sorts of critters can catch a ball.


I know golden retrievers

who absolutely love to catch a frisbee

and are really good at it.


Should we give golden retrievers

a bachelor’s degree simply for the

ticket revenues they generate

for the human novelty of drinking beer while

watching a nationally televised event

where fans in the stands

shine laser pointers on the field

and watch a bunch of cats

chase after them

while girls in short skirts and pom poms

cheer them on

as if they were an integral part

of cat laser chasing strategy?


Should those cats be given

a Doctorate in Sports Marketing

for their ability to jump in the air

and land upright on their feet

almost every single time?


You know what...

I bet those cats

wouldn’t stick their paw

in front of a student

riding back to campus on a bicycle

just so they could

have the privilege

of gaining a higher seated position

in the animal kingdom.


And you know...

that frisbee catching golden retriever,

would have actually stayed

by that honor student’s side

until paramedics arrived

after a fellow American’s arm

smoked her off her bike

right there at the starting line.


And if no one called 911...

that golden retriever

would faithfully walk alongside that

injured student

on behalf of all of God’s creatures

who have been wrongfully abused

at the hands

of ignorance and sport,

no matter what color, race, nationality,

or religion.



If you never wondered

where your next meal

was going to come from...

good job.


You did everything right,

and trusted

the understanding

God gave you

to never trust

someone waving a hundred dollar bill

who would try to convince you


your skin color couldn’t run fast enough


to win a race that wasn’t fair


because your parents stayed together,

your dad was faithful to your mom,

you were self-taught and thus well educated,


and if you didn’t know the right answer

you knew where to look,

not who to ask.


Let’s test it.


Ladies and Gentlemen

I have the honor and privilege

of never having wondered

where my next meal was going to come from,

because my parents stayed together,

and my dad was faithful to my mom.


That gave me the safety and stability to be

self-taught and thus well educated,


and if I didn’t know the right answer

I knew where to look

not who to ask.


I also have the honor and privilege

of God-given common sense


never to trust a guy

waving a $100 bill

and saying my skin color


has anything to do

with putting food on the table


or thanking God

for the banquet He prepared for me

in the presence

of good faith fellow Americans.






* * * *



Welcome to The Almighty University

where Intelligent Life

is our Instruction,


and Guide.


More soon.


Much Love,

Mama Murphy






April 13, 2019


If you’ve been a fan of

The Almighty University

for a while now

you know

that every now and then

Mama includes specific items

in her lessons

for those American English students

who would like further clarification

on issues of usage, syntax,

and overall usage for the best,

most easily understood

method of communication.


On today’s lesson,

there was a wonderful opportunity

to differentiate when “a” is used

before a word starting with the letter “h”

and when “an” is used.


As just a straight up rule...

neither really works

100 percent of the time.


Today’s example was:

a human battering ram.


In this particular case,

the article “an” does not work

with the “an” before “h” rule

because of the opening sound.


For example.

Ladies and Gentlemen

it is an honor and much greater privilege

to write correctly and succinctly,

than to choose and consciously decide

to be

a human battering ram

in the path of a good faith fellow American,

especially an honors student

who just might be the first female

President of the United States

over three and a half decades in the future,

in an historic,

unanimously decisive victory

for all good faith Americans

who daily, consciously choose

to live an Intelligent, Civilized Life.





Note: The Almighty University topics, discussions, and commentary are intended for Intelligent audiences. Intelligent meaning mature, rational, and considerate. Because of the nature of some of the subjects covered, and in respect of the reader’s time, it might seem to some, that every nuance of a specific topic has not been covered to the point of resolution for the good of all manKind. Intelligent Life is just that, and understands and works toward a world where pages and pages of “Terms and Conditions” and/or “Disclaimers” are no longer needed, as everyone participating in such programs, services, and technologies is thankful and respects 1. such programs, services, and technologies are provided in Kindwill and mutually non-exploitive, and 2. hot items served through a drive-thru window are truly a miracle of modern design, engineering, and fellowship and should be served, welcomed and enjoyed in mutual respect and intelligence. —MM


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